Definitions of some important terms surrounding Electric Vehicles:  

AMI – Advanced Metering Infrastructure
AMR – Automatic Meter Reading
BEV – Battery Electric Vehicle
CAFE – Corporate Average Fuel Economy
CARB – California Air Resource Board
CO2 – Carbon Dioxide
DOE – U.S. Department of Energy
EDTA – Electric Drive Transportation Association
EPRI – Electric Power Research Institute
EREV – Extended Range Electric Vehicle
EV – Electric Vehicle
EVSE – Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment
GFCI – Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter System
GHG – Greenhouse Gas
HAN – Home Area Network
ICE – Internal Combustion Engine
IEEE – Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
IOU – Investor-Owned Utility
ISO – International Standards Organization
kWh – Kilowatt Hour
LCFS – Low-Carbon Fuel Standard
Li-ion – Lithium-ion (a type of EV battery chemistry)
NEC – National Electric Code
NEV – Neighborhood Electric Vehicle
NIST – National Institute for Standards and Technology
NiMH – Nickel-Metal Hydride (a type of EV battery chemistry)
NPVI – National Plug-in Vehicle Initiative
OEM – Original Equipment Manufacturer (automakers)
PEV – Plug-in Electric Vehicle
PUC – Public Utility Commission
PHEV – Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle
RPS – Renewable Portfolio Standard
SAE – Society of Automotive Engineers
 – Time of Use (electric rates)
V – Volt
V2G – Vehicle-to-Grid
V2H – Vehicle-to-Home
V2I – Vehicle-to-Infrastructure
V2V – Vehicle-to-Vehicle
V2X – Vehicle-to-any of the above
W – Watt
Wh – Watt-hour
ZEV – Zero Emission Vehicle