AAA’s Role

Full Charge Ahead

After gearing up for the past few years to support the needs of electric vehicle (EV) drivers, AAA is seeing consistent market growth and solid member service opportunities ahead.

AAA lists publicly accessible U.S. charging station locations to the online TripTik® Travel Planner and AAA Mobile app, where there has been steady increase in the prevalence and capabilities of EV charging.  Several clubs have added fixed-site and mobile charging options and DC fast-charging has begun rollout for consumer use.

Publicly accessible places to charge plug-in electric vehicles in North America are increasing and currently number over 7,500.  As new locations spring up, AAA makes them available online through the TripTIk Travel Planner and AAA Mobile application.  About 400 EV charging stations are located at AAA/CAA Approved hotels, restaurants and attractions.  A green plug icon accompanies listings for these establishments in club-customizable Travel Guides and 2013 Tour Book guides, which also denote stations available at AAA club offices.

AAA Automotive  has facilitated an extensive EV charging research and development program to help test EV charging as a roadside assistance go solution.  During 2012, pilots were deployed at four clubs: Automobile Club of Southern California, AAA Oregon/Idaho, AAA Northern California, Nevada & Utah and AAA Washington.

AAA’s specially equipped service truck – capable of providing DC fast-charging in about 15 minutes for about 10 miles of driving can also assist with other traditional services members with electric vehicles.