Charging Your Electric Vehicle

Electric vehicles can be safely charged with minimal cost or hassle. The charging time for an electric car varies with the car, the size and type of battery, the temperature and various other factors. A key determiner of charging time is the type of charging being done. There are three basic charging protocols in use today, although not every EV can take advantage of all three methods.

Charging Methods

Charging time for an electric car varies, depending on the car, the size and type of battery, the temperature, and other factors. Read More »

Charging Safety

EV charging systems employ sophisticated computers and software that manage the charging process while protecting both the user and the vehicle. Read More »

Charging Locations

Take a look at the map to see all the public charging stations across the U.S. Read More »

How to Find a Charging Station

Although most charging of plug-in vehicles occurs at home, there will be times when you may need to use a public charging station. Read More »