Benefits of Driving Electric

In many ways, electric vehicles are similar to conventional cars powered by internal-combustion engines. They meet or exceed the same safety standards, they have similar cargo and passenger space, and they are practical for both everyday commuting and (with appropriate charging support for BEVs) long-distance driving.

However, in other ways electric vehicles can be quite different from the cars most of us have driven for years. They are less costly to fuel and maintain, they offer some unique environmental benefits and many drivers find that the operating characteristics of EVs make them fun to drive – though not necessarily in the same way as conventional cars.

Fuel Cost Savings

Just as gasoline prices vary widely depending on location, station, season, fuel grade and other variables, electric rates also span a broad range of prices. Read More »

Maintenance Cost Savings

Unlike the engine and transmission in a conventional vehicle, the electrical powertrain components of an EV are essentially maintenance free. Read More »

Environmental Benefits

When operating on battery power, electric vehicles offer significant environmental advantages over conventional gasoline or diesel-powered cars. Read More »