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  • Getting Started

    As with any automobile choice, there are advantages and disadvantages to electric cars. AAA – in conjunction with the Electric Drive Transportation Association – has prepared this site to provide basic information about electric vehicles that will help you determine whether an electric vehicle might be right for you. More »

  • Benefits of Driving Electric

    Electric vehicles are less costly to fuel and maintain, they offer some unique environmental benefits and many drivers find that the operating characteristics of EVs make them fun to drive – though not necessarily in the same way as conventional cars. More »

  • Charging Your Electric Vehicle

    Electric vehicles can be safely charged with minimal cost or hassle. The charging time for an electric car varies with the car, the size and type of battery. More »

  • Videos

    Educational videos on what to know about driving an electric vehicle. More »

More From AAA Electric Vehicles

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Environmental Benefits

Electric operation reduces or eliminates tailpipe emissions, including greenhouse gasses, and allows the use of cleaner, renewable and more environmentally friendly energy sources. Read More »


Lost in the list of acronyms? Here is a glossary of terms to help you navigate through the EV industry. Read More »